About Us

The Parshotam family arrived in Fiji in 1919 and now has diverse commercial and professional interests in Fiji and more recently in Australia and New Zealand. We have a long-term commitment and extensive connections in Fiji and New Zealand. Our legal practice was founded in 1955 by Sir Moti Tikaram (retired President of the Fiji Court of Appeal) and was then known as Tikaram & Associates. Kantilal Parshotam joined the firm in 1961 and the firm became known as Tikaram & Parshotam. Upon Sir Moti Tikaram taking a position on the bench, the firm became known as Parshotam Lawyers. In 1978 and thereafter Kantilal Parshotam was joined in partnership by his two nephews Satish Parshotam and Subhas Parshotam. From that time the firm has emerged as the pre-eminent commercial law firm in the Fiji. We operate from modern well-equipped offices which are based on the Second Level at Mid City retail and commercial complex in Cumming Street. Historically, we have acted for all sections of the community. The diversity of ethnic backgrounds of our personnel reflects the Fijian community as a whole. All our personnel speak English but we also have fluent speakers of Fijian, Gujarati and Hindi.